Building Dreams in Wheatlands

The Wheatlands Park and Recreation Authority in partnership with the YMCA, is creating a wonderful new recreation center in southeast Aurora. The Wheatlands Park and Recreation Authority is a separate legal entity created to construct, manage and maintain the new recreation center being built in the Wheatlands neighborhood. The recreation center will feature 2 fitness studios, a cycle studio, pilates studio, a 6 lane pool, child-watch, community kitchen, weight room and cardio equipment. The Recreation Center is scheduled to open in 2021.

Recent News

March Update March 9, 2020 - With the grub and clear operations underway you can see the trucks working hard to flatten and clear the excess dirt.
February 2020 Update February 6, 2020 - Permits, Tractors, Fences, Oh My!
January 2020 Update January 5, 2020 - Happy New Year! Here is the January update and we wish everyone a happy and successful New Year!

Construction Progress

  • September 10 – Construction Trailers arrived on site

  • September 21 – The Wheatlands Park and Recreation Authority website was created

  • September 27- Engineering Plan submitted to the City of Aurora

  • October 17 – Submitted Utility Easement and Fire Lane Easement to the City of Aurora

  • October 25 – Adolfson & Peterson are in the process of hiring the sub contractors for the project.

  • October 31 – Utility and Fire Lane Easements approved and returned from the City of Aurora

  • November 8 – Ground Breaking Scheduled for November 20th

  • December 4 – Public Hearing on 2020 Budget

  • December 19 – BRS confirmed gas load for the project

  • January 2 – Authorized agreements for xcel to install gas and electrical lines

  • January 18 – Submitted Storm Water Permit Application for City of Aurora

  • January 22 – Received Storm Water Permit from the State of Colorado

  • January 28 – Mobilized On Site

  • February 6 – Perimeter fencing installed and stormwater irrigation prepared

  • February 10 -Initial Stormwater Management & Environmental Control Inspection

  • February 20 – City of Aurora signed off on Stormwater Proctor permit

  • February 27 – Begin grub and clear operations

  • March – Rough Grading continues for next 3 weeks

  • March 5 – Rebar shops returned. Steel primer resubmittal in review, drilled pier rebar for pool to be submitted.

  • March 18 – Water extension agreement and stormwater drainage agreement executed with the City of Aurora

  • March 19 – Building Permit Received

  • March 23 – Mobilized drilling for rebar