Building Dreams in Wheatlands

The Wheatlands Park and Recreation Authority in partnership with the YMCA, is creating a wonderful new recreation center in southeast Aurora. The Wheatlands Park and Recreation Authority is a separate legal entity created to construct, manage and maintain the new recreation center being built in the Wheatlands neighborhood. The recreation center will feature 2 fitness studios, a cycle studio, pilates studio, a 6 lane pool, child-watch, community kitchen, weight room and cardio equipment. The Recreation Center is scheduled to open in 2021.

Recent News

July Update July 9, 2020 - Come watch construction take place on the new Wheatlands YMCA Recreation Center.  A viewing platform has been constructed on the outside of the safety fence located on Wheatlands Parkway.  The viewing platform allows you to see over the construction fence and watch as the building transforms.   The platform faces what will be the main entrance to theContinue reading "July Update"
June Update June 11, 2020 - Look at all the progress from May until June! The project is staying on track and on schedule. Tall concrete walls are 84% completed. Foundations are 63% complete into the perimeter drain. Working on the next round of grade beams and are at 21% completed. Pool structure – 10% completed – underground plumbing in poolContinue reading "June Update"
May Update May 15, 2020 - The foundation walls are going up! As the walls go up you can see the footprint of the building starting to take shape. You can start to visualize the walkout layout and where the upper parking lot will be on the east side.

Project Schedule