December 2019 Update

The Board of Directors meet on December 4, 2019 to review financial matters and legal matters.

The Board welcomed Pascal Dengah from High Plains Metro District to the board of Directors. He was appointed as Assistant Secretary. Thank you Pascal for serving on the board and welcome Pascal!

The Board considered and approved an adoption of the 2020 Annual Administrative Resolution.

The Board created a meeting schedule for 2020. Our meetings will be held quarterly on the first Wednesday of each quarter at 9am at the Wheatlands Clubhouse. The quarterly meetings will begin in March. To view meeting minutes and agenda click here.

The Board approved a New Building Committee that will help with the day to day and week to week progress of the construction. Thank you Wheatlands resident, Danielle Lammon for volunteering and serving on this committee with Kathy Barela.

The Board conducted the public hearing on the 2020 Budget and it was approved.

The Board considered and approved the amendment to Wheatlands Park and Recreation Authority Establishment agreement.

The Board approved the 2019 audit to be completed by Fiscal Focus Partners.

The Board discussed the construction and cost projections for the project. Discussion continues with the individual contractors to try and lower the overall cost of the project and avoid duplicity between contractors.

The City of Aurora sent back a few more changes and we are continuing to work with them for final approval.

**Please note these are unofficial meeting minutes and the official meeting minutes will be posted once a quorum of the board has approved them at the next meeting**

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