March Update

We are starting to see some real movement on the land! With the grub and clear operations underway you can see the trucks working hard to flatten and clear the excess dirt.

Below are a few highlights over the past month:

  • Initial storm water erosion measures are in place.  Initial inspections from City of Aurora occurred and we passed. 
  • Site mobilization began and grub and clear operations have begun.
  • Signed and returned proposal to authorize the independent testing services from CTL Thompson. They monitor excavations, soil conditions, rebar, formwork, welding and other processes on site.
  • Worked on reviewing the City’s comments and submitting the second set of engineering documents to the City of Aurora for approval.
  • Continuing to partner with Xcel energy for temporary power. Discussed if we need to move a transformer for the project and to approve the new location on the site.
  • Land survey occurred to measure the current elevations and confirm the amount of dirt that would be removed.
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