August Update

Wow look at the pool! You can see the pool take shape as it goes from 4ft to 8ft deep on the west side of the building.

Inside the building looking at the pool deck.

Below are the construction updates for August:

  • Curb and gutter – East parking lot 1 is ready for asphalt
  • West parking lot is 100% done, working on entrance and pouring the rest of it
  • Starting on east entrance right on schedule
  • Pouring retaining wall footings – starting to form the wall up 
  • Backfill the tall concrete walls – is the last piece for the tall walls
  • Grade beams ahead of schedule
  • Structural – Steel has started set columns and steel beams east side and south side 
  • Knocking welds out and doing fine
  • Big concrete pour 8/3 and 8/10
  • Masonry walls – slab on deck will be poured
  • Pool perimeter masonry walls are completed – west wall with the windows is up and in place.
  • Moving to the North Masonry wall next once completed they move on to main level steel
  • Will be ready for main level steel 9/7/20
  • Main level structure – set steel beams east side by 9/7
  • Pool walls are all poured
  • Building tile beds and piping and backfill on the pool
  • Overall schedule is going well especially on the critical path items. 

July Update

Come watch construction take place on the new Wheatlands YMCA Recreation Center.  A viewing platform has been constructed on the outside of the safety fence located on Wheatlands Parkway.  The viewing platform allows you to see over the construction fence and watch as the building transforms.   The platform faces what will be the main entrance to the building.  So next time you are strolling by, feel free to stop, climb the stairs and watch the construction progress.    

Here are some of the highlights on the construction:

Curb and gutter started – 50% of it in place for parking lot

Foundation is complete and we have all of the concrete poured!

Masons – 55% complete, finish structural masonry walls before steel shows up. 

Pool slab poured

Starting to go vertical and putting up the masonry wall and vertical with steel

Something to look for at the site – If you see yellow and red barriers you will know what they mean. The yellow barrier is approach with caution and enter with caution for our construction teams. The red barrier is do not enter zone. These zones are marked off for safety especially as we have flying steel and the crane over the building.

Storm water – City of Aurora conducting weekly inspections passing and doing well

Curb gutter and asphalt – Starting next week we are working on the entrances starting with West entrance and then do the East entrance. It will be a week long activity, the following week will do the East one.

Grade beams- pouring our very last piece of grade beam for the north side of pool.  Everything else is poured out – elevator shaft, sheer walls , etc

Foundation insulation drainage pour and perimeter drain coming into completion by the end of the week.  

Steel Activity will be the next major activity – we will begin with East side wall and then do Southside beams

Perimeter pool masonry – starting early on July 13th

Submitted pool equipment RFI this week – scoreboards, tip and roll bleachers, French drain, starting block anchors,  pool equipment etc.

June Update

Look at all the progress from May until June! The project is staying on track and on schedule.

Tall concrete walls are 84% completed.

Foundations are 63% complete into the perimeter drain.

Working on the next round of grade beams and are at 21% completed.

Pool structure – 10% completed – underground plumbing in pool 80% done.

Gas phone and internet – ADP is boring from south east corner of the site

Rebar is being drilled

We had a few rainy days onsite and stormwater draining is working effectively and continues to pass inspection.

Community Involvement – Viewing platform is being created next week and will be up the week of June 22nd. Residents are welcome to stop by the site and watch the construction from the viewing platform.

May Update

The foundation walls are going up! As the walls go up you can see the footprint of the building starting to take shape. You can start to visualize the walkout layout and where the upper parking lot will be on the east side.

Here is some of the progress that occurred over the last month:

  • Foundation tall walls are almost completed 1 more wall to complete then they will start grade beams
  • Dry utilities, electric and temporary power is in
  • Storm Sewer is 75% complete
  • The sanitary sewer is 100% complete with utility contractor
  • Water main is 90% complete
  • Underground lighting is being trenched for upper east parking lot
  • Conduits are run for fiber cable and Comcast
  • Start trenching and sleeving for asphalt and parking lot

April Update

As our community is practicing social distancing, we are thankful to our contractors who have been working so hard to keep our recreation center project on track. We appreciate the pictures they have shared with us and all the work they have completed over the last month. Below are a few highlights:

  • Storm water inspections went well
  • Weather has been good for erosion control
  • Lots of trucks going in and out, packing the soil down
  • The site has been overlotted and graded
  • 95% complete for excavation of the building
  • Mobilized the drilling rig and put in 10-12 piers per day
  • Drilling went well – soil was good and no water found
  • Caissons are in place
  • Began tying rebar for cages
  • City of Aurora completed their final civil review
  • Building permit received from the City of Aurora
  • Xcel finished running wire and boring for cable
  • Concrete subcontractor arrived onsite

Construction continues amid the COVID19 pandemic and safety precautions are being taken on the site. We are working closely with the City of Aurora for their inspections as they are currently running remotely with a skeleton crew. In addition, the team is working to anticipate the impact on the subcontractors and fabrication of steel. We will continue to update you on the progress of the construction and hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this time.