May Update

The foundation walls are going up! As the walls go up you can see the footprint of the building starting to take shape. You can start to visualize the walkout layout and where the upper parking lot will be on the east side.

Here is some of the progress that occurred over the last month:

  • Foundation tall walls are almost completed 1 more wall to complete then they will start grade beams
  • Dry utilities, electric and temporary power is in
  • Storm Sewer is 75% complete
  • The sanitary sewer is 100% complete with utility contractor
  • Water main is 90% complete
  • Underground lighting is being trenched for upper east parking lot
  • Conduits are run for fiber cable and Comcast
  • Start trenching and sleeving for asphalt and parking lot

April Update

As our community is practicing social distancing, we are thankful to our contractors who have been working so hard to keep our recreation center project on track. We appreciate the pictures they have shared with us and all the work they have completed over the last month. Below are a few highlights:

  • Storm water inspections went well
  • Weather has been good for erosion control
  • Lots of trucks going in and out, packing the soil down
  • The site has been overlotted and graded
  • 95% complete for excavation of the building
  • Mobilized the drilling rig and put in 10-12 piers per day
  • Drilling went well – soil was good and no water found
  • Caissons are in place
  • Began tying rebar for cages
  • City of Aurora completed their final civil review
  • Building permit received from the City of Aurora
  • Xcel finished running wire and boring for cable
  • Concrete subcontractor arrived onsite

Construction continues amid the COVID19 pandemic and safety precautions are being taken on the site. We are working closely with the City of Aurora for their inspections as they are currently running remotely with a skeleton crew. In addition, the team is working to anticipate the impact on the subcontractors and fabrication of steel. We will continue to update you on the progress of the construction and hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this time.

March Update

We are starting to see some real movement on the land! With the grub and clear operations underway you can see the trucks working hard to flatten and clear the excess dirt.

Below are a few highlights over the past month:

  • Initial storm water erosion measures are in place.  Initial inspections from City of Aurora occurred and we passed. 
  • Site mobilization began and grub and clear operations have begun.
  • Signed and returned proposal to authorize the independent testing services from CTL Thompson. They monitor excavations, soil conditions, rebar, formwork, welding and other processes on site.
  • Worked on reviewing the City’s comments and submitting the second set of engineering documents to the City of Aurora for approval.
  • Continuing to partner with Xcel energy for temporary power. Discussed if we need to move a transformer for the project and to approve the new location on the site.
  • Land survey occurred to measure the current elevations and confirm the amount of dirt that would be removed.

February 2020 Update

Permits, Tractors, Fences, Oh My!

You can see some changes taking place on the land! If you have driven by recently, you probably noticed the fence has gone up and movement is occurring onsite. Below is a list of highlights over the last month:

  • Mobilization onsite has begun.
  • The permitter fencing was installed.
  • The final civil drawing were submitted to the City of Aurora engineering department.
  • The Water Quality Control Division of Colorado has reviewed our application and submission for the YMCA Recreation Center at Wheatlands facility and determined that it qualifies for coverage under the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.  They issued us a permit certification, which was issued under the Colorado Water Quality Control Act on January 22, 20202.
  • Several logistics were sorted out between owner, contractor and architect.
  • All RFI’s for steel detailing were received.
  • Sub contractors are being hired.
  • The City of Aurora storm water permit was submitted and the bond for fiscal security deposit for the City of Aurora storm water permit has been submitted.
  • Xcel is partnering with us to put in temporary power to the site.

We appreciate the communities support! We want to include the community as much as possible during this process and will continue to brainstorms ways to keep everyone involved and informed. Ideas include taking more pictures of the site as construction begins and during each phase. Additional ideas included having onsite visits and signing of the final beam when the building is near completion. More to come but we are thinking of you!

*Please note these are unofficial meeting minutes and minutes will be posted under documents tab*

January 2020 Update

Happy New Year! We are excited for all the work on the YMCA recreation center that will begin in 2020 and wish everyone a happy and successful New Year!

We were able to negotiate a guaranteed maximum price with our contractor.   We finalized and signed Guaranteed Maximum Price Amendment with Adolfson & Peterson Construction.  This contract will help us stay in budget for the project and ensure a maximum price for our contract.

We confirmed with BRS the gas load for phase 1 and sent it to Xcel for verification.

Xcel is ready to begin the electrical work and we have authorized the work to begin.  We authorized the Frost Agreement and Electrical and Gas contingency documents.